Sunglight Multi Purpose Soap 150g


Brand:: Sunlight


It’s the solid yellow bar of soap that’s been taking the world by storm since it was first introduced in 1884. Besides using it to wash hands, generations before us used sunlight soap to clean their clothes, wash their dishes and just about everything else.

  1. Wash pots and pans
    Place half a bar of soap in a cup in a plugged sink and fill entire sink with very hot water to lather soap up. Remove bar of soap and place on plate so you can access it with scrub brush. Now wash your dishes in the soapy water, using extra soap for stubborn spots. Rinse with hot water and dry.
  2. Polish up aluminium taps, sinks and shower heads
    Dip steel wool in water and rub on sunlight soap until it lathers. Scrub aluminium fixtures until clean. Wash with water and wipe away excess water with cloth.
  3. Clean your clothes
    To make your own laundry powder, blend together 700g of grated soap, one cup of bicarb soda and couple drops of eucalyptus. Store in sealed air-tight container. To wash clothes, dissolve a teaspoon in half a cup of boiling water.
  4. Get rid of stubborn stains
    Got chocolate, wine or mud on your clothes? Pre-treat it with a good rub of the sunlight soap before it goes into the wash. It also works well for collars and cuffs of shirts and even on carpet stains.