Pine Glo Antibacterial Cleaner


Brand:: Pine Glo


Pine Glo Products Inc. produces highly effective and nationally trusted products, being made consistently and priced right. Pine Glo is a Federal EPA registered disinfectant cleaner. This means that the product is proven to kill germs and viruses. Pine Glo production meets very rigorous quality & testing standards in every batch with a very low tolerance for ingredient variation. This means that the quality of Pine Glo’s powerful cleaning capabilities will not change from production batch to production batch. Providing the nation with the best cleaning products available. Pine Glo produces products with natural and crisp scents that disinfect and revitalize at the same time. A natural and distinct pine scent freshens the environment and keeps areas clean and disinfected. The pine scents allow for any and all environments to take on a crisp scent while disinfecting and cleaning at the same time.

  • Pine Glo offers one-step cleaning & disinfecting of non-porous surfaces in your home, office, and business locations!
  • Crisp pine scent freshens the air while keeping areas spotless.